Dr Ito’s Belief For Treating Patients Suffering from “PAIN”.

Dr Ito is a 25 year experienced pain management specialist from Japan.

Dr Ito’s approach to treating patients suffering from PAIN.
At Dr Ito’s Clinic, the aim is to provide patients who are suffering from any kind of PAIN with a high standard of Pain Management Care with advice, nerve blocks, medication and surgical treatments.

Dr Ito believes that taking sufficient time to listen to patients’ complaints is of crucial importance because vital information can thereby be revealed and, at the same time, patients can feel comforted. Furthermore, Dr Ito strives not only to treat or alleviate pain, but also to detect hidden diseases which cause the pain, sometimes in collaboration with doctors specializing in other fields such as Surgery, Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, and so on. This is the reason why pain is referred to as the second vital sign nowadays.

Dr Ito is fully aware that all patients with pain are suffering from both physical and mental discomfort. Hence he ensures that all patients are treated with respect, kindness and care whilst in the clinic. Dr Ito will act in a professional manner and will maintain patients’ confidentiality at all times.